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I’m the host of a community-building and marketing podcast called Companies & Communities.

I started this podcast because I wanted to help provide information for brands and marketers interested in more effective community building. Despite the tremendous potential power of community-led growth, too many businesses put it at the bottom of the list when creating a marketing strategy.

Community falls into the category of marketing channels that are hard to measure or tie directly to revenue. Which for some businesses means it’s not top of mind. Especially small businesses and startups trying to maximize limited resources and focus on things that will immediately move the needle.

In this community and marketing podcast, I interview very smart community and business leaders who can help you gain a better understanding of how to start or improve a community building strategy. And how you can use it to create tremendous results to help you drive growth, loyalty and revenue.

You’ll get information about:

  • How to find or define community for your individual needs
  • Incorporating influencers, affiliates and evangelists into your marketing strategy
  • Leading trends in social media and online community
  • Building a powerful employee advocacy program
  • Creating an authentic voice for your community interactions
  • Combining executive personal brand into community-led growth strategy
  • And much more!

Latest Marketing Podcast Episodes:

Wattpad Head of Marketing Emma Brooks: Building a Successful Community for Gen-Z and Millennials

In this episode, Emma and I talked about:

  • How community played a central role in Wattpad’s brand growth
  • Creating appeal for Gen-Z and Millennial users
  • How to create a gatekeeping strategy to protect community members

Find more information on the full episode here.

BlackPlanet Founder Omar Wasow: The Importance of Niche Places in an Online World, interview featured on the Companies & Communities podcast

In this episode, BlackPlanet founder and Princeton University professor Omar Wasow discussed his role as creator of one of the first social media websites ever.

We also talked about:

  • How to build stronger online communities that support offline connections
  • Why BlackPlanet missed the mark, while social networks like Facebook continue to thrive
  • Advice for brands looking to engage and not disrupt through virtual community building

Find more information on the full episode here.

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