12 Free Marketing Tools You’ll Love

I LOVE free marketing tools, especially if they help me do my job better. 

So I’m going to let you in on a few of my favorite FREE tools to help you with marketing, social media, and other general web stuff.

I also published a few other lists of free marketing tools previously if you want to check those out:

List of Free Marketing Tools

1. HubSpot Website Grader

screenshot of the hubspot website grader landing page, a free marketing tool that offers insight into how to improve website performance and optimize digital marketing

This one is a classic. It’s been around for a number of years and is fairly well known among marketers. 

Get a score of how your website is doing, including performance and SEO.

2. Swpely

screenshot of swpely content creation app, one of the best free marketing tools

For anyone who’s creating content or likes to store cool things they find on the web, this is a way better option than screenshot or notes in 100 different apps. This free marketing tool is still currently in beta mode, but users are being pulled from a waitlist to start getting their hands on it as of early 2021.

(You can try it free with the code and skip the waitlist CHANTELLE until March 17, 2021.)

Check it out.

3. PromoPrep

free marketing tools: promoprep marketing team campaign calendar and team project management app

Great tool for creating an easy way to view ALL your marketing campaigns and activities in one spot instead of 100 different tools and spreadsheets.

Not free for longterm use, but there’s a pretty lengthy free trial for you to test it out. Full disclosure, I work with this team, and I’m a big believer in how useful I think it is to people like myself who often get tired of not feeling able to organize campaign calendar views in one place. This also means I can get you an extended free trial and a special rate if you contact me directly.

Try it for free.

4. Moz Free Domain Analysis Tool

moz domain analysis marketing resource

An SEO evaluation of any web domain, including domain authority. Definitely helps if you’re looking to evaluate backlinks. In fact, I usually run website domains through this tool as a cursory check on how to maintain healthy external links.

Run a domain now for free.

5. WordStream Ads Grader

wordstream facebook ads grader and google ads grader app

This tool provides a quick audit of the overall health of your Google or Facebook ads account. It provides a lot of great high-level feedback to point you in the right direction for a more in-depth audit or clean-up project. When I’m doing an initial paid ads account audit, I usually include this in preliminary analysis.

Grade your ads.

6. Remix by Buffer

remix by buffer marketing app

Most everyone enjoys re-sharing quotes or content from other social media platforms (like Twitter) to Instagram. This offers a cool, easy way to turn content into prettier graphics to post on Instagram. As a heads up this is a mobile app you’ll need to download to your smartphone.

Start remixing content for Instagram.

7. Share Link Generator

screenshot of share link generator website, which allows you to create links for people to share your content to any social media platform

Pretty much exactly what the name says. Make share links to encourage people to share your content across any social platform or via email.

Create your share links now.

8. Social Status

free marketing tool screenshot with different emojis

Automated social media reporting to take away a lot of the manual tediousness of screenshotting and tracking analytics.

Get your reports.

9. Outline

screenshot of the outline, which lets you read online articles without other distractions while taking notes

If you’re like me and you get distracted by everything when you’re trying to read an article, this tool gives you a distraction-free version to help you focus (and make notes on the content, too)

Start reading without distractions.

10. The Visualized

screenshot of the visualized, a tool that lets you see what's trending on social media and compare performance of different accounts

A great free marketing tool if you’re interested in what’s trending on Twitter or YouTube around the world or in specific countries. Or if you want to see performance of a certain Twitter account (or compare different accounts)

Test out this tool.

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