Email Marketing Workflows Your CX Might Be Missing

Email marketing workflows offer advantage for building the best customer experience.

They’re an important part of a successful email marketing program. Or at least they are for a company that wants to map out the customer journey from start to finish.

When done right, they can ensure you’ve got full CX coverage. Especially if you’ve got a small team that can’t cover all the important touch points. Even with large teams, it’s easy for minor communication tasks to get overlooked.

Unfortunately email workflows often don’t get enough attention, like so many other important email marketing best practices {e.g., segmentation and data quality checks).

A lot of marketers take a “set it and forget it” approach.

Or they create the least number of workflows needed.

Crappy email workflows are annoying.

They send out to people without context or discrimination.

Or people end up enrolled in multiple workflows at once and receive a flood of emails.

Email marketing workflows, when done wrong, result in increased unsubscribes, spam reports, and frustrated prospects and customers.

But when done right?

A successful email marketing workflow strategy makes customers and prospects feel understood. The result is they feel better connected with your brand.

As an extra important note, building out email marketing workflows requires cross-functional teamwork.

Sales, customer success, product.

Marketing shouldn’t act in a silo. It’d be easy to overlook important steps in the customer journey that are owned by another team. Everyone should be knowledgeable about what communications prospects and customers receive (and when they receive it).

It also avoids some of the unexpected gaps that can creep up in customer communication.

Most notably, the gap after signing a contract or closing a deal, but before customer success steps in to formally launch onboarding.

This is a key “zone” in the customer journey where great marketing gets the customer into the right mindset by setting expectations with an overview of what’s next.

I’ve got plenty of ideas for email workflows you might be overlooking.
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Email Marketing Workflows Ideas You Might Be Missing