Best Marketing Email Newsletters: A Mega List of Examples

A Mega List of the Best Marketing Email Newsletters

Marketing email newsletters seem to be incredibly popular right now.

Not just the usual brand-made ones.

As I’ve gotten more active on LinkedIn and Twitter, I’ve seen a few marketing influencers promoting theirs lately.

Noting all the newsletter promo, I figured why not sample as many as possible to see what’s being done well (and what’s not)? 

As I said, I used to only get brand newsletters. But there’s been a huge shift in focus from B2B or B2C to building human-to-human (H2H) connections. It could be due to social media creating a stronger interest in one-to-one human connections rather than corporatesque (I’m trademarking that word) brand communication. 

Here’s a stat that illustrates that trend. Even though people are currently spending more time on social media than ever before, 74 percent of brands are posting less content.

Individual social media users are posting more content, though, and leveraging their personal brands to benefit or grow companies, causes, you-name-it.

A key strategy seems to be building an audience on social platforms and then getting those added to your email database by offering educational e-learning courses, downloadable content, or email newsletter subscription. 

One of the primary benefits of these, other than potential revenue generation, is that they give you direct ownership of your audience. 

Your social media followers or connections aren’t truly yours. They stay on the platform throughout all of your engagements.

And you can lose them pretty easily, as we’ve seen in examples of influencer accounts getting hacked and wiped. Not to mention the looming possibility of a TikTok ban in several countries that would set all the influencers newly created on that platform back.

So converting social media followers to members of your email database is important so you can continue to engage with them on an ongoing basis. On your own terms.

My Criteria for a Great Marketing Email Newsletter

Back to the discussion of the best email newsletters. 

I’ve reviewed a few of them to figure out what’s being done well right now. (I also want to take a minute to note that I also have an email newsletter you can subscribe to if you’re interested in information like what you’re reading in this article plus other marketing tips, tricks, trends, and insight from myself and across the web! Sign up for my newsletter.)

Here are some things I like in an email newsletter:

Beautiful design — Crisp, clear, simple, direct-to-the-point. I don’t care if there are a ton of images, but my preference is that the content is broken up into a way that’s easy to digest.

Useful content — Provides information that aligns with what was promoted and that makes an impact on my day. Can I learn something valuable from every edition?

Not overly salesly — I can’t stand getting email newsletters that are blatant promos. I signed up for your newsletter to get knowledge, not to have you try to push me to buy XYZ. Your newsletter should be nurturing a relationship with me and building trust so that eventually I’ll want whatever you’re offering.

In no particular order, check out my list of some of the interesting marketing email newsletters I’ve recently subscribed to. Some of these are awesome, some I include more to provide a variety of reference on what’s being done.

Marketing Newsletters by Brands/Groups

Team CSS-Tricks

Interesting and relevant news and information to keep up with the fast-moving web design and development industry. Created, written by, and maintained by Chris Coyier and team. Chris is co-founder of CodePen, a social development environment for front end designers and developers.

Really Good Emails 

This newsletter aims to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. We’re providing transparency into product email and customer email cycles that are not available anywhere else.


The newsletter by Tom Fishburne, the Founder and CEO of Marketoonist, a cartoon studio focused on content marketing, thought leadership, and culture change

Fix My Churn 

Written by a team of customer communication specialists, this is touted as “your guide to email marketing that works (and a whole lot that doesn’t). See weekly dissections of real campaigns showing up in inboxes everywhere.”


Just launched a brand new newsletter that provides a variety of content around learning new web skills.

Morning Brew

Described as “The daily email newsletter covering the latest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley.” Has built a really strong social media presence using a witty, casual tone. They also offer more focused newsletter editions, including the Marketing Brew and Emerging Tech Brew.

The Hustle

Another newsletter that has built a strong brand over the years. This one is great if you want a quick update, as it advertise “business and tech in 5 minutes or less.”

CXL Institute

This email newsletter delivers “emails once or twice a week covering topics from digital analytics to UX research to content marketing.” It’s getting included because of a recommendation from my network.

Marketing Newsletters by Individuals

Total Annarchy by Ann Handley

Ann Handley is a powerful name in the copywriting world. For reference, she’s the bestselling author of Everybody Writes and Content Rules. This newsletter is delivered every 2 weeks and includes “new writing tips, useful marketing ideas, fresh thoughts, and some high-spirited shenanigans.”

Timeless & Timely 

Claims to “help you make sense of today with lessons from the past. Inspiration from history, literature, philosophy, poetry and art that speak to our current challenges. One essay, three links from the current business climate, three interesting stories, a recommended book and podcast, and plenty of epigrams.” Created by Scott Monty, previously a Fortune 10 executive, who is a strategy, communications and leadership advisor.

Start again today

Description: A collection of thoughts, links, and insight from Haley Bryant. Topics range from general motivation, personal development, to social media. Haley Bryant is COO of Animals, a content and SEO strategy agency.

Matthew Ball

A newsletter covering essays and thoughts by writer Matthew Ball. Matthew is the Managing Partner of Epyllion Industries and Venture Partner at Makers Fund and previous Head of Strategy for Amazon Studios. He holds bylines at New York Times, The Economist, Bloomberg, and more.

Sunday Snapshots

Analyzing the best biographies, shareholder letters, academic papers, business news, and online writing. Sidhartha Jha is a recent Northwestern graduate where he studied Operations Research. 

The Story of Telling

A collection of writing examples by author and content writer Bernadette Jiwa. Bernadette is a leading storytelling advisor and story skills trainer, the author of eight #1 Amazon Bestsellers and keynote speaker.

Visualize Value

Presents a number of interesting concepts with simple graphic designs. Stated purpose of this newsletter is “Helping ambitious people master their mental health and build independent income.” The creator, Jack Butcher, is behind Visualize Value and also has a pretty significant Twitter presence with over 32K followers. 

Monday Musings by David Perell

David’s bio is listed as “I write, host a podcast, and run a writing school called Write of Passage.” Monday Musings is a collection of the “coolest things” he learns every week. His other newsletter, Friday Finds, is a links-only newsletter where he shares ideas he’s interested in.


The newsletter of James Clear, author of the New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits, which has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

Benedict’s Newsletter by Benedict Evans 

Benedict Evans spent 20 years analysing mobile, digital media and technology, and worked in equity research, strategy, consulting and venture capital. Now an independent analyst, he sends an email newsletter each Sunday about what’s happening in technology that actually matters, and what it means and gives them context and analysis.

Laura Gale 

Laura helped dozens of entrepreneurs write their business memoirs that are their legacy and contribution to the world of business and entrepreneurship. She’s also host of the Business of Writing podcast and offers a free eBook, Content That Converts.

Top of Mind by Stewart Hillhouse 

This newsletter is created by Stewart Hillhouse, a marketer, writer, podcaster, and outdoorsy guy. His newsletter gives behind the scenes of his podcast, access to his marketing swipefiles, and first access to other new ideas he’s testing.

Mark Evans Consulting

An active figure on LinkedIn and principal of a marketing consulting firm, Mark offers a newsletter “featuring hand-picked content about marketing and sales, as things that are just interesting.”

I’ll be continuing to update this list with new email newsletters I subscribe to that I think are worth a look. 

If you have a newsletter you’d like me to add, send me a message on LinkedIn or tweet me!

You can also sign up for my newsletter and get more tips, suggestions, and more each week.